Los Angeles – Israel water cooperation

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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign
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Complicity Update

In 2008, a water cooperation agreement went into effect between the Los Angeles municipality, involving state educational institutions, and Israeli private and state-owned water enterprises. Such an agreement means that Los Angeles institutions are complicit with Israeli practices of water annexation and settlement, and we must ensure the agreements between the two become a target of awareness raising and concrete boycott action.

There are a number of reasons for boycott. The practices of Israeli authorities, in regards to water supply and distribution, systematically discriminate against Palestinian communities across historic Palestine. Main water sources in the West Bank, for instance, are occupied and used for Israeli consumption while Palestinians are effectively prohibited from accessing and developing water facilities and infrastructure. Furthermore, the withdrawal and denial of water to Palestinians is used as tool in ethnic cleansing, and is used to force smaller communities from their land.

Download the fact sheet here.


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