Stop the Wall

The Stop the Wall Campaign’s aim to tear down the Wall is aligned with the Palestinian desire for liberation—for those of us inside and in exile, the young and old, those who have died, and those yet to be born.

We are a grassroots movement uniting the struggle of the popular committees in the villages, refugee camps and cities struggling against the Wall and the settlements and the efforts of Palestinian civil society.  

Our call is to:

  • Stop the Wall

  • Dismantle parts already built

  • Return all lands confiscated for the Wall

  • Compensate for all losses.

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This unique and timely compilation, edited by the Palestinian Stop the Wall Campaign, collects contributions from Palestine, Israel, Mexico, the United States, Greece, Italy, Spain, the Basque Country, Morocco, the Western Sahara, Brazil, Argentina, India and Kashmir.

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The Latest From Palestine

November 9 - Global Day of InterAction for a World without Walls - is coming closer and this year the call to tear down these symbols and structures of expulsion, exclusion, oppression, discrimination and exploitation is more urgent than ever. Please read the invitation to join the global interaction on November 9 here. Please let us know through this online form what you are planning, how you want to link up with others and how we can support you.


Palestinians rise up against the Israeli occupation authorities planned construction of a settlement industrial zone on hundreds of dunums of land seized from southern villages of Tulkarm governorate. Palestinians say, “we will relentlessly keep protesting until we stop the construction of this industrial zone, a place of death and misery for our workers and reclaim our looted lands!” They also say that time is now for the international community to take action to stop Israeli apartheid practices and hold the Israeli occupation authorities accountable for the endless crimes held against the Palestinian people.

On July 26th, Palestinians reiterated their solidarity with and support to the residents of the favelas who are plagued with police brutality and discrimination by holding a webinar as a part of the Black July events held annually in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The webinar endeavored to approximate the different, yet universal experiences of the people residing in the favelas and the Palestinian people. Strengthening bridges of solidarity between Palestine and the favelas aims to combat oppressive structures of apartheid, militarization, colonialism, settler-colonialism, hetero-patriarchy, capitalism and neo-liberalism, which all deprive Palestinians, residents in the favelas, indigenous and black people of their basic human rights, be it education, housing, healthcare, security, and many others. The Black July events are a space to decry the validation and exaltation of exclusionary practices of oppressive and apartheid regimes.

Palestinians rallied today in front of the German consulate,  currently presiding the EU Council, to call on the EU to pressure the Israeli government to  immediately release  Mahmoud Nawajaa. Nawajaa is a human rights defender and the General Coordinator of the BDS National Committee (BNC). The detention of Mahmoud on July 30th is an unveiled onslaught on the BDS movement, the effort led by Palestinians to overcome Israeli apartheid in a global struggle against racism and oppression and for freedom, justice and equality.

Israeli occupation forces shot dead a Palestinian mother during a dawn raid to West Bank Refugee Camp of Jenin on Friday, August 7th. Dalia Samoudi, 24, is a mother of two young children. She was holding her eight-month-old baby in her arms when a live bullet hit her in the chest, penetrated her liver and pancreas. Palestinians call on the international community to take action and hold Israeli apartheid accountable for its escalated violence and increased crimes against Palestinians amid the looming de jure annexation of the West Bank.

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New Resources

Stop the Wall factsheet "Cutting the lifeline - Stop the Annexation of Palestinian water" highlights the strategic importance Israel gives to the usurpation and pillage of Palestinian water resources in its efforts to colonize and annex large parts of the West Bank. It further highlights the impact the proposed annexation plans will have on access to water and how they are building upon the pre-existing structure of water apartheid built by Israel over decades. 

Stop the Wall released the most detailed map as of today of Trump’s Peace to Prosperity plan, including a commentary. It shows the real impact of this ‘masterplan’ -  vision fully designed on the basis of Israel’s pre-existing annexation plans. 

With the possible annexation of 33% of the West Bank, over 75 Palestinian villages, Bedouin and semi-Bedouin communities are to be annexed, with a total population of 118 000. They are to be annexed yet denied full citizen rights. The segregated transportation system will be expanded, most of the water resources inaccessible and agriculture impossible as most arable land will be annexed.

It becomes evident how the endless human rights violations by Israel, including the wall, the settlements, home demolitions, land confiscations, humiliating checkpoints and denial of access to water, have always been measures of de facto annexation to prepare for this masterplan.