Divest Elbit

For an introduction on Elbit Systems, a timeline of victories and tips on how to build your own campaign against Elbit Systems, click here.


Current campaigns: 


In Europe:

  • AXA: Stop investing in Israel’s arms trade and brutal occupation!

In 2017, 70 French organizations have started a campaign to pressure the insurance giant to divest from Elbit Systems and Israeli banks financing the illegal settlement project. Read the call here and sign the online petition here

  • Stop EU funding to Israeli military companies

​The European Coordination of Committees for Palestine campaigns since 2015 against the inclusino of Israeli military companies, including Elbit Systems, in the European Union research and development funding. Watch a campaign video exposing Elbit Systems' participation in EU funding; read here more about Elbit's participation in the FlySec project here; read more about EU funding to Israeli military companies here



In the US:

From Palestine to Mexico, stop Elbit Systems from providing the tools for repression and death. Codepink is building the tools to expose and end their crimes and campaigns to pressure US senators not to accept campaign funding from Elbit Systems. See the toolkit here. You can as well join action and sign the online petition here to tell bicyclists and bicycling organizations to boycott the Elbit's Everysight Raptor cycling glasses.


At the US-Mexico border: 

Elbit Systems exports since 2006 the technology and reputation it has developed building Israel's apartheid Wall on Palestinian occupied land to the US, reaping large contracts from the US administration to build the Wall on the Mexican border. 

The Border Encounters at the US Wall at the Mexican border are since 2017 one of the spaces where Stop the Wall builds awareness, alliances and actions against Elbit Systems. 

See a video from the 2017 intervention here. See a report from the 2018 workshop here


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