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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Online Exhibition "Walls in Times of Pandemic"

“Walls in Times of Pandemic” - is an online exhibit that has been preparared thanks to the contributions of many movements across the globe, from the Philippines to Mexico. It gives fragments of reality, traces connections and gives inspirations of struggle.

Visit the exhibition here. 

Walls are symbols of exclusion, oppression, exploitation, discrimination and dispossession. In times of the COVID19 pandemic, lockdowns and quarantines, the walls that oppress and exclude have risen higher, gotten more brutal and more visible. Beyond the walls emerges a network of people and their aspirations that build a World without Walls.

Visit the exhibition here. 

This exhibit is part of the ongoing process of coming together of movements that started in 2017, when Palestinian and Mexican movements launched the call for a World without Walls, which by now is endorsed by over 400 networks, groups and movements from across the globe. 15 years earlier Israel had started building its apartheid wall. Since then, the world slowly adopted the paradigm until ushering into a veritable era of Walls.

Visit the exhibition here. 


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