Terror and Destruction: The Next Steps Towards Expulsion
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Terror and Destruction: The Next Steps Towards Expulsion

Occupation forces recently delivered 14 demolition final warnings to owners of agricultural sheds in the village of Jayyus. The buildings threatened with demolition are located on both sides of the Wall. On April 25th Occupation forces accompanied by an official from the High Planning Council of the Occupation authority warned the owners of the sheds, to demolish them within a week or the Occupation forces would carry out the demoltions, and force the owners to pay for the demolition expenses.

Moreover, the people in Jayyus are calling upon all humanitarian, legal, and human rights organizations to take responsibility and intervene to stop the Occupation assaults on the village. For more than a month now Occupation forces have invaded the village almost nightly, firing tear gas at the houses, endangering the health of the people with the sheer volume of gas used.

In the appeal, the villagers wish to emphasize their full awareness of the current situation, that the Wall has isolated most of the villages lands -some 9000 dunums- and now Occupation forces are using terror and destruction to force the people from their village.

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