Zionism’s Massive Step in Judaizing and Ghettoizing Jerusalem and its Old City: <br>Silwan and the Planned Eradication of Al Bustan

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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Silwan is one of the Jerusalem neighborhoods most threatened with Judaization, with continuous settler attacks and occupation of its houses. Just last year in Silwan, in March 2004, settlers occupied two buildings that together comprise of 12 flats, added to the houses and lands in Silwan already taken over by settlers during previous years, a large part of which are located in Wadi Hilwa, which overlooks Bustan and is adjacent to the Old City. The settlements in Silwan---caravans and occupied houses—are located in the middle of the people’s houses, and are as well a short distance from each other, making clear their function of ultimately turning the entire neighborhood into a settlement.

In April 2005, the Occupation Forces and its municipality in Jerusalem declared its plan to demolish some 122 houses in both the areas of Bustan and Wadi Hilwa. Demolishing these houses is part of the Occupation’s plan to “evacuate” and expropriate all lands surrounding the Old City, in the closest hills and mountains surrounding the Old City that include Tur, Silwan and Abu Tur, along with other areas. The planned settlements are to, as well, comprise of car parks, recreational and commercial areas.










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