My daughter studied for the tawjihi, the final high school examination, in Kifl Harith; she had to study in that village because she was in the scientific branch but with the Occupation’s closures and checkpoints she was constantly absent from school. This caused her to repeat her final year but this time she changed to the literary branch so she would not have to travel to Kifl Harith anymore. She is engaged, her fiancée worked for a few years in one of Arab states…he was arrested on the bridge from Jordan to Palestine and is now in one of the Occupation's prisons.

***image3***We are barred from moving, when we do move from one place to another we pay the price. We have to decide the time for moving, but in most cases we are not the ones who have the authority as such. The men in the village are asking their wives not to give birth in the night; giving birth in the night means dangerous travel to Salfit and that one of the three will be hurt-- the father, the mother or the child. In many cases the husband gets shot at or the pregnant woman could start bleeding. We don’t have a doctor, or even a qualified nurse to deliver the baby in the village.

The same applies to our lands. To access the lands we risk our lives and our children’s lives. Our land is separated from us, but we will risk going through the lands near “Ariel” which is expanding over our lands. The settlers’ waste is on top of the hill just above our heads-- one or two rains will drown us with the settlement’s filth. One woman from the village tried to harvest her olive trees and was approached by settlers who talked to her in Hebrew; she did not understand what they were saying. She ignored them and they started shooting at her and her family so she left everything on the land and went back to the village, but she is going to try again and again until she has collected all she can from her trees.

***image2***As for our lands on the other side of Road 60, the settler by-pass road, it has become really dangerous to go there. Two children were hit and killed by settlers’ cars during last year’s harvest; one was a six year old boy who was dragged by the car. No mother wants to see this happen to her child.

We work on the land during two seasons–summer and winter- but we decided to give up the summer crops. This was no easy decision to make but we were forced to do it. But now we cannot be forced to give up the olive harvest as well. What they are ignoring is that we are connected to this land, it is our past and future, uprooting our trees will plant hatred in their place.

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