Help us to make our voice heard in your language!

Critical to raising awareness about the urgency to tear down the Wall, to allow Stop the Wall to reach out and mobilize across the globe is the availability of materials in a variety of languages. 
Stop the Wall strongly believes in the importance of a truly global and popular global solidarity movement against Israeli apartheid, colonialism and occupation, based on the call for boycotts, divestment and sanctions. In order to achieve this, we need to break down the language barriers.
Stop the Wall currently runs three language sites and seeks to make most of its materials accessible in Arabic, English and Spanish. 
However, it is crucial that at least basic information and mobilizing material are available in many more languages. It is important to be able to spread important alerts and calls for action across the globe in as many languages as possible. 
Much support is needed as these sites require regular updating, translation, and outreach to be effective tools of information and mobilizing.

If you can translate from English or Arabic and want to support Stop the Wall through volunteer translation please Contact Us.


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