Demonstration in al-Walaja Village Against Further Construction of the Wall

Later that evening, 150 demonstrators marched toward the apartheid wall on al-Walaja lands, in the west Bethlehem district. They tried to reach the isolated lands where Occupation bulldozers are currently working on constructing a new section of the Apartheid Wall. The demonstration, which was organized by Stop The Wall Campaign and the “Welcome to Palestine” […]

Confrontations Occurred at al-Quba Checkpoint, North of Bethlehem Entrance

Occupation forces suppressed the demonstration organized today by Stop The Wall Campaign and “Welcome to Palestine” initiative at al-Quba checkpoint at the northern entrance of Bethlehem city by firing tear gas and rubber bullets. Mazen al-Azah, coordinator of Stop the Wall campaign for Bethlehem district, said that the demo came as part of the local […]