Devastation in Beit Awa; Hebron Farmers Face Immeasurable Suffering this Olive Harvest Season

***image2***Occupation Forces continued on Tuesday destroying lands and uprooting trees in the south and middle of Beit Awa village. The people of the village, defending their lands, confronted the Occupation Forces who fired tear gas and live bullets at the people, in addition to beating them with batons. In Beit Awa, particularly in the center […]

A Day in the North: Ras Atiya and Habla

The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign’s three Emergency Centers in the northern West Bank continually send in information regarding destruction and devastation from the Wall. Information sent from the Emergency Centers will be published regularly under the heading “A Day in the North”, surfacing the daily devastation which the Apartheid Wall continues to lay upon Palestine. Ras […]