Protestors in Beit Surik Pledge That Resistance to the Apartheid Wall Will Continue

***image2***Farmers and villagers in Beit Surik have organized a series of demonstrations to protest against the construction of the Apartheid Wall in the village and the confiscation of their lands. The Occupation this week restarted the destruction and isolation of 2,500 dunums of the village’s land. More than 1,000 trees have been uprooted in the […]

Another Day in the North: More Land Confiscations and Settlement Expansion

Throughout the West Bank, the Occupation’s network of control and oppression is unceasing in its expansion. The Apartheid Wall, Jewish-only settler bypass roads, settlements and military zones are rapidly being constructed on land stolen from Palestinian villages. In Tulkarem district, recent weeks have seen the theft of thousands of dunums more land by the Occupation. […]

Days before the Sharm Al Sheikh Summit and following Al Jib: New Confiscation Orders in Beit Hanina to Devastate People’s Lives

***image2***The Occupation Forces gave on February 7th 2005, confiscation orders for the Wall in Beit Hanina village, northwest Jerusalem, four days after those given to Al Jib village, that will be put in the same ghetto together with Beit Hanina, Qalandiya, Judeira and Bir Nabala. These confiscation orders were all given days before the Sharm […]