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The Occupation force suppresses weekly marches in the West Bank. Several demonstrators injured.

The legitimate and rightful weekly demonstration of the Palestinian continued this Friday against the occupation, the apartheid wall, & the settlements. Youth and foreign solidarity activists in Nabi Saleh was wounded by rubber bullets, after Israeli occupation forces suppressed the protest march of the village, north-west of Ramallah, against the settlement and confiscation of Palestinian […]

Bili’n villagers burn Occupation products in support of boycott

Villagers in Bil’in (west Ramallah district) burnt Occupation products during their weekly demonstration on the 21st of April, declaring their support for the internal boycott movement. Vowing to use only locally manufactured products, the villagers showed how Palestinians can break dependency on the Occupation’s economy, and revive the strategies of the First Intifada in the […]

Pobladores de Bili’n queman productos de la Ocupación en apoyo al boicot.

Los pobladores de Bili’n (poniente del distrito de Ramallah) quemaron, el día 21 de abril, productos de la Ocpación en su manifestación semanal, declarando su apoyo al movimiento nacional de boicot. Pidiendo el consumo de sólo productos manufacturados localmente, la población mostró cómo se puede romper la dependencia de la economía de Ocupación, poniendo de […]