The Apartheid Wall

Within the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948, the Palestinian minority and the Jewish majority generally live in separate areas. This geographical apartheid is clearest in the big cities where in some cases Palestinian neighbourhoods are separated from Jewish neighbourhoods by a walls and fences. This is only the more visible part of the structure of racist exclusion, discrimination and dispossession Israel is built upon - an intricate system of "Jewish first" or "Jewish only" allows the Zionist state to oppress and control the remaining Palestinian population.

The map shows the “new” Occupation scheme to ensure Palestinian rights continue to be negated and violated: the “Convergence Plan”. The plan is Israel’s latest attempt to legitimize the Palestinian ghettos, to permanently annex territory in the west of the West Bank, seal Palestinians in from the east, and surround a series of Palestinian Bantustans.

Download the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign’s Flash Presentation for organizing against the Wall in your area! The new flash presentation is an activist tool of 92 slides that gives updated information and images about the destruction and forced expulsion caused by the Apartheid Wall. The presentation offers the history of the Apartheid Wall, with occupanying maps that illustrate the general Occupation plans in Palestine and the West Bank and Jerusalem in particular. Additionally, the maps included clearly explain the Wall’s path through the entire West Bank.

My name is Khalid Al-Salfiti. Originally from Salfit, I have been living in Jerusalem since I was 12, when I was orphaned. I came to Jerusalem to find work, and at the time, in the year 1962, the city was bustling. When I grew older, an acquaintance who knew me well gave me money to buy a shop in Jerusalem -the Old City- and until today this shop is my work and my income. It has allowed me to care for my family and to buy a home.

At the end of July 2003, just over a year after beginning construction, the Israeli military announced the completion of the Wall's "first phase", which runs 145 km through the northern West Bank districts of Jenin, Tulkarem, and Qalqiliya. Though "completion" has been declared, the reality is strikingly different; the destruction of land and the demolition of homes and markets continue in this area on a daily basis.


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