Hadidiya, a 20,000 dunum stretch of fertile lands in the Jordan Valley, is to be ethnically cleansed from its Palestinian inhabitants. On April 10, the Occupation courts have issued orders to 5 extended families living since generations in Hadidiye to leave the area before April 21 and their homes to be destroyed. An estimated 120 people out of the approximately 500 Bedouins living permanently in the area are to be turned refugees.

The situation on the ground:

Palestinians in our homeland and the diaspora remember the 30th of May as Land Day. On this day in 1976, six Palestinians were killed and a hundred injured by Israeli forces as Palestinians went on strike against a massive land confiscation scheme in the Galilee. Land theft and colonization continues in the Galilee, Naqab and the West Bank until today.

Since autumn 2006, the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign has organized seminars and tours with the students in 7 universities all over the West Bank.

The courses include lectures on the history of their struggle and the roots, aims and tactics of Zionism in implementing apartheid and expulsion policies in Palestine. Discussions about the role of students in the struggle from its beginnings until today lead into strategizing sessions on how to go ahead.

On the anniversary of the Six Nations Land Reclamation we express our solidarity to you and to all those that are defending today their land and livelihoods against theft and colonization.

Within the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948, the Palestinian minority and the Jewish majority generally live in separate areas. This geographical apartheid is clearest in the big cities where in some cases Palestinian neighbourhoods are separated from Jewish neighbourhoods by a walls and fences. This is only the more visible part of the structure of racist exclusion, discrimination and dispossession Israel is built upon - an intricate system of "Jewish first" or "Jewish only" allows the Zionist state to oppress and control the remaining Palestinian population.



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After two years of complete silence regarding the Wall, the UN Secretary-General is now proposing to create a register of damage done by the Apartheid Wall.The setting up of the register will in effect dismantle the ICJ decision and prevent its implementation.

The Israeli regime unleashes racist brutality that by far outstands the crimes of the previous apartheid regime in South Africa. It imprisons an entire people behind ghetto walls, kills them and submits them to an economic blockade that has brought communities to the verge of starvation. Yet, while exactly 30 years ago the UN General Assembly called for comprehensive sanctions against apartheid in South Africa, Palestinians are reminded on a daily basis that the Zionist Occupation can still count on the blindness of the world to its atrocities and crimes. Until when?

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Executive Summary

The recent report from the World Bank, An Update on Palestinian Movement, Access and Trade in the West Bank and Gaza, vividly illustrates the damage that is being done to Palestinian people and trade by the ongoing occupation. It further highlights the extent to which the World Bank is complicit with Israel's designs to enclose Palestinians behind the Apartheid Wall.

Bir Nabala is one of the Palestinian places in Jerusalem district whose mere existence is threatened by the Apartheid Wall choking life in the town.

***image1***Bir Nabala is situated northwest of Jerusalem and has been for centuries weaved into the social and cultural fabric of the Palestinian capital. With the illegal annexation of Jerusalem to the Occupation shortly after 1967, the Zionist regime carved Bir Nabala out of the “Greater Jerusalem” district that is to build a Jewish-only city and environment.

The last months clearly show that as a people under Occupation, we are the ones to pay the price in the latest round of war crimes in the Middle East. We pay for the success as well as the failures of the Zionist and US/European policies. We pay for the weaknesses as well as the determination of our own struggle. Likewise we pay for the support to our struggle, as well as the lack of solidarity. Amidst the bloodshed, the ghettos and the prison cells our beliefs remain united that the Zionist dream of a Palestine without Palestinians will not materialize.

Over 110 deaths in 2 weeks in Gaza and the complete destruction of all basic economic and social infrastructure. Almost 300 deaths and the destruction of all airports, main roads and bridges ensure “turning the clock back 20 years” in Lebanon. This is only a glimpse on the toll that the Palestinian and Lebanese – as well the Iraqi and Afghani people – pay as Israel and the US attempt to force through their strategic plans for the Middle East, based upon colonization and oppression.

This year the 9th of July is a bitter day for Palestinians. The Occupation Army besieges Gaza, massacres its people and attacks its infrastructure. The ghettos of the West Bank take shape as the Apartheid Wall edges closer to completion and the Palestinian exodus from Jerusalem has begun. Over 9000 Palestinians sit in Israeli prison cells whilst Palestinians who remain on their 1948 lands do so under the subjugation of the most vicious and discriminatory Apartheid system.

The MERCOSUR as the most important bloc in Latin America claim they work in pursuit of democracy and human rights within their economic and political relations. We believed it was your attempt to oppose colonialism and trade that creates poverty. In the next month, Mercosur is about to sign its second Free Trade Agreement (FTA). It will sign it with Israel, the state that has expelled us from our lands, has violated all Palestinian rights and international law for over 50 years and is now enclosing the remaining Palestinian population in ghettos between 8 meter high walls.

The Campaign flashpoint presentation on the isolation and ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley provides activists with a new tool to highlight Israeli crimes in the area.

The latest Campaign factsheet deconstructs the aims, motivations and goals of the Occupation’s latest media stunt – the "Convergence Plan".

It highlights a series of arguments to counter the Zionist propaganda, and outlines the realities on the ground from the Apartheid Wall and Occupation, thus serving as an important resource for supporters of Palestine across the world.

The map shows the “new” Occupation scheme to ensure Palestinian rights continue to be negated and violated: the “Convergence Plan”. The plan is Israel’s latest attempt to legitimize the Palestinian ghettos, to permanently annex territory in the west of the West Bank, seal Palestinians in from the east, and surround a series of Palestinian Bantustans.

The new Campaign fact sheet on the Jordan Valley reveals longstanding colonization of the area and the current realities being created on the ground. These threaten to expel Palestinians remaining in the Valley, whilst devastating the natural ecology of the area.

The Occupation has a “new” scheme to ensure Palestinian rights continue to be negated and violated: the “Convergence Plan”. Offering the media as much excitement as the “Disengagement Plan”, it aims to legitimize the annexation of all territories and resources west of the Apartheid Wall including Jerusalem. Palestinians are to be left under siege in Bantustans, sealed in from the East and dissected by settler-highways. Meanwhile the refugees are supposed to vanish from political discourse.

The new comprehensive factsheet on Jerusalem shows the dramatic process of Judaization that the city is undergoing. From the historical, cultural and spiritual role the Palestinian capital played before the Nakba in '48 until today, this activist resource draws a timeline of destruction of Palestinian villages and communities and continuous Zionist colonization. The detailed documentation reveals the Apartheid Wall as a final step towards the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian capital – a world heritage of cultural and religious diversity on the verge of destruction.

The campaign stickers are created to strengthen the Boycott Campaign against Apartheid Israel within and outside of Palestine.

Originally designed for our grassroots resistance in Palestine, we have translated and adapted some of them to spread the call globally. The stickers call upon the responsibility of all of us to resist the Occupation and its crimes with every means.

Oslo is dead. This is not much of a scoop, as analysts and pundits have been saying and writing these words for many years, at least since the Intifada of September 2000 began. But now that the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) elections of January 25th, 2006, are over, we can officially turn off the lights on the agreement that, along with the first U.S. invasion of Iraq in 1991, has led to, arguably, the most difficult period in the modern history of Palestinian and Arab World politics.

The Occupation continued to implement its apartheid policies causing rampant destruction across Palestinian villages and cities. This week the attempt to cleanse Palestinians from their lands escalated in a series of house demolitions. Houses are demolished under the pretext of missing permits – a common tool used to expel Palestinians – ensuring the theft of lands for construction of settlements or military zones. Around 20 houses have been destroyed over the last month, erasing more Palestinian lives and history.




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