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Within the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948, the Palestinian minority and the Jewish majority generally live in separate areas. This geographical apartheid is clearest in the big cities where in some cases Palestinian neighbourhoods are separated from Jewish neighbourhoods by a walls and fences. This is only the more visible part of the structure of racist exclusion, discrimination and dispossession Israel is built upon - an intricate system of "Jewish first" or "Jewish only" allows the Zionist state to oppress and control the remaining Palestinian population.



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After two years of complete silence regarding the Wall, the UN Secretary-General is now proposing to create a register of damage done by the Apartheid Wall.The setting up of the register will in effect dismantle the ICJ decision and prevent its implementation.

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Executive Summary

The recent report from the World Bank, An Update on Palestinian Movement, Access and Trade in the West Bank and Gaza, vividly illustrates the damage that is being done to Palestinian people and trade by the ongoing occupation. It further highlights the extent to which the World Bank is complicit with Israel's designs to enclose Palestinians behind the Apartheid Wall.

The latest Campaign factsheet deconstructs the aims, motivations and goals of the Occupation’s latest media stunt – the "Convergence Plan".

It highlights a series of arguments to counter the Zionist propaganda, and outlines the realities on the ground from the Apartheid Wall and Occupation, thus serving as an important resource for supporters of Palestine across the world.

The new Campaign fact sheet on the Jordan Valley reveals longstanding colonization of the area and the current realities being created on the ground. These threaten to expel Palestinians remaining in the Valley, whilst devastating the natural ecology of the area.

The new comprehensive factsheet on Jerusalem shows the dramatic process of Judaization that the city is undergoing. From the historical, cultural and spiritual role the Palestinian capital played before the Nakba in '48 until today, this activist resource draws a timeline of destruction of Palestinian villages and communities and continuous Zionist colonization. The detailed documentation reveals the Apartheid Wall as a final step towards the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian capital – a world heritage of cultural and religious diversity on the verge of destruction.

The fact sheet is a short guide for the international campaign against Connex and Alstom, the French companies involved in the creation of a light railway linking the Jewish colonies in East Jerusalem with the central part of the city. This project is an integral part of the Zionist scheme to ethnically cleanse the city and is tantamount to a war crime.

It provides a background to the Wall and Jerusalem, an overview of the impact of the railway project and the international branches and activities of Connex and Alstom so activists can begin campaigns.

In this fact sheet the Campaign offers an introduction to the political aims, motivations, and strategic value of the campaign to Isolate Apartheid Israel. It answers some of the most commonly asked questions regarding boycott, divestment and sanctions. You will further find an outline of the many different forms that boycott campaigns can take and some general indications on how to implement the campaigns.

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“Without the dismantling of the Apartheid Wall, without the liberation of our land, without the destruction of settlements, there will be no real independence, no viable state and no dignity. Neither the humanitarian aid missions of the UN, nor the funds offered by the World Bank and United States for the industrial zones and hi-tech gates of the Wall, can alter our resistance to tear down the Apartheid Wall.”
The Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign,
February 2005

Tracing back the history of The Apartheid Wall to 1994, this fact sheet provides a detailed overview of the Wall's development and the campaign to tear it down. Chronicling events year by year, the fact sheet provides a comprehensive history of The Apartheid Wall and resistance to it. Great for presentations, information stalls and wider dissemination amongst Palestinian solidarity campaigners. To Download This FactSheet In High Quality PDF Resolution Press Here

This fact sheet documents the appalling plan for Palestine that is shaping up behind Israeli slogans of "disengagements," a comprehensive scheme for colonial domination and conquest based on racial discrimination.

This fact sheet highlights the meaning of the term “Apartheid”, its different oppressive apparatus, and how Apartheid continues to take place in Palestine from its roots in a colonialist and racist project to today’s Apartheid Wall. The fact sheet looks at the policies of suppression, segregation, labour exploitation, expulsion, land control, humiliation and murder enacted by the Occupation that are: Apartheid in Palestine.


Israel’s construction of the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank constitutes a grave violation of human rights and international law. The Apartheid Wall will result in the unilateral demarcation of a new border in the West Bank and the effective annexation of occupied land. Other violations of international law include collective punishment of the civilian population, the seizing of private property by an occupying power, the demolition of houses and property, and the violation of such basic human rights as the right to work and freedom of movement.

At the end of July 2003, just over a year after beginning construction, the Israeli military announced the completion of the Wall's "first phase", which runs 145 km through the northern West Bank districts of Jenin, Tulkarem, and Qalqiliya. Though "completion" has been declared, the reality is strikingly different; the destruction of land and the demolition of homes and markets continue in this area on a daily basis.


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