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***image3***In a strong show of solidarity with Palestinians and demonstrators worldwide on November 9, demonstrators in Wroclaw, Poland blocked the city’s main promenade for an hour to highlight the atrocity which is Israel’s Apartheid Wall. About 50 people from a variety of Polish solidarity organizations, including Anti-War Coalition Wroclaw, Amnesty International, Polish Greens Party,, ISM, anti-nazi groups and other social justice groups created a human chain to block the promenade, holding signs and banners condemning the Israeli Apartheid Wall.

To mark their solidarity with Palestinian mobilization on November 9, members of the International Solidarity Movement in Bristol built a representation of the Apartheid Wall in Palestine out of cardboard boxes outside of the Marks and Spencer store at the Mall Bristol. The giant representation was designed to demand public recognition of the illegal and unjust Israeli Wall and highlight the devastation it is bringing to Palestinian communities.

The village Al Aqaba, in the Tubas district, is one of the first communities in the Jordan Valley which will be devastated by the Apartheid Wall; the village of some 250 people has received Israeli military orders for the demolition of 12 buildings and homes including the mosque and kindergarten. These demolition orders come at the same time as destruction and building of the Apartheid Wall begins in the eastern West Bank, threatening to expel Al Aqaba’s residents through their complete isolation from the rest of the West Bank and all basic services.

***image2***On Sunday, November 9, 2003, a coalition of activists in support of Palestinian mobilization constructed a mock Wall along Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C. as part of the international day of action against the Israeli Apartheid Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Demonstrators covered the mock Wall with images, facts and powerful slogans to display the reality of the situation on the ground in Palestine, with giant maps showing the West Bank being divided by the Wall into three ghettos.

Several Irish solidarity groups converged in Dublin to form a human wall of silence down the premier shopping street in solidarity with the Palestinian National and International Call to Action for November 9. Demonstrators held placards condemning the Wall and candles to bring light and hope for an end to the injustice being committed against Palestinians by the Israeli Apartheid Wall. A tableaux representing the Wall and the numerous ways in which it impacts the daily life of Palestinians was displayed for passers-by to gain insight into the reality of the situation.

During the weekend of November 8th and 9th, The Norwegian People’s Aid & Association of Norwegian NGOs for Palestine mobilized in several cities throughout the country to mark and support Palestinian resistance to Israel’s Apartheid Wall. The Norwegian “Tear Down the Wall” campaign has championed the support of the church, the trade unions, numerous politicians and humanitarian organizations in its efforts to organize against the racist Wall and the injustice of Occupation.

In solidarity with Palestinian mobilization on November 9, approximately 150 New Yorkers converged at Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan, carrying 3 sixty-yard mock "walls" to depict the 25-ft.-high wall enclosing the Palestinian people in the West Bank, Palestine.

***image2***The protesters marched down 42nd Street to Grand Central Station where they carried the wall inside to display it for passers-by, while chanting "Tear Down the Wall” and demanding that the world take notice of Israel’s Apartheid policies.

***image3***Saturday, November 8th, Solidarité Palestine, les Femmes en Noir (Women in Black) Americans Against the War and other French solidarity groups demonstrated in Paris and Caens to bring down the Israel’s illegal Apartheid Wall. Demonstrators rallied at the Fontaine des Innocents for 2 hours and passed out strong statements condemning Israeli and American policies of racism and oppression toward the people of Palestine through Occupation and the construction of the Wall.

***image4***On November 9th, in response the Palestinian call to action against the Israeli Apartheid Wall, Palestine Forum and Peace for Palestine in Osaka, Japan held solidarity actions in the square at the front of Osaka station.

On November 9th, in solidarity with the popular resistance in Palestine, over 400 people marched through the city of Sydney to condemn the Israeli Apartheid Wall and Occupation policies. Protestors took to the streets their message of support for Palestine as powerful speakers, including local politicians, public figures and local community activists demanded an end to the Apartheid Wall and called on the Australian people to stand up against injustices being committed against the Palestinian people.

On Friday November 7, the Montreal-based Palestine Solidarity group PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity) demonstrated with over 200 people outside of the Israeli consulate against the Apartheid Wall and the ongoing Occupation of Palestine. This vigil, which has taken place every Friday for nearly 3 years at the consulate on the corner of Peel Street and Rene Levensque Street, was intensified to support the grassroots Palestinian call for International Day Against the Wall.

On November 8, in solidarity with International Day Against the Wall, a diverse coalition of hundreds protested in the streets of Madrid to demand that Israel’s Apartheid Wall fall. The demonstration, called Puerta del Sol (Door of the Sun), rallied against the construction of the Wall as a “crime against humanity”. Demonstrators gathered to show support for Palestinian mobilization and demand recognition of Palestinian human rights from the international community.

In a tremendous show of solidarity with Palestinian mobilization and resistance to Israel’s Apartheid Wall, 30,000 people invaded the streets of Rome on November 8 to demonstrate against the Wall and Israeli Apartheid policies. Movements, political parties, trade unions, grassroots and solidarity groups throughout Italy formed a united front and took to the streets in a powerful denunciation of the Occupation of Palestine and the construction of the Apartheid Wall.

Central demonstrations in the Palestinian districts where held on November 9 as part of the National and International Day Against the Apartheid Wall in Palestine, called for by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign in coordination with the National and Islamic Forces. Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated on this day against the Apartheid Wall, calling for it to be stopped and torn down; there were demonstrations in Jenin, Ramallah, Qalqiliya, Tulkarem, Nablus and Salfit.

While in Palestine thousands took part in their national day against the Apartheid Wall on November 9th, solidarity from multiple regions across the globe was expressed, magnifying the call that the Wall in Palestine must stop and be torn down. These worldwide actions emerged from growing support with the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign since its inception just one year ago, and in particular to the Campaign call in June 2003 which designated Nov 9th as International Day Against the Wall.

November 9th was declared in June of this year by the villages and cities affected by the Apartheid Wall, as part of the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, as the Palestinian national and the international day against the Wall.

The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign’s three Emergency Centers in the northern West Bank continually send in information regarding destruction and devastation from the Wall. Information sent from the Emergency Centers will be published regularly under the heading “A Day in the North”, surfacing the daily devastation which the Apartheid Wall continues to lay upon Palestine.

Azzun Atma, Qalqiliya district

Throughout Palestine, communities affected by the Apartheid Wall--local councils, civil society organizations, political parties, youth groups, schools and universities, and the population at large--are coordinating a momentous week of activities beginning on November 9th for opposing the Israeli Apartheid Wall. The day is expected to witness a massive popular force that is to strengthen grassroots mobilization, which could turn November 9th into the beginning of the destruction of the Wall in Palestine.

The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign’s three Emergency Centers in the northern West Bank continually send in information regarding destruction and devastation from the Wall. Information sent from the Emergency Centers will be published regularly under the heading “A Day in the North”, surfacing the daily devastation which the Apartheid Wall continues to lay upon Palestine.

Ras Atiya, Qalqiliya district

On Friday the 24th, a map of the Wall’s so-called final path as approved by the Israeli Cabinet was publicly released while Israeli Prime Minister Sharon announced that plans for building the Wall through the Jordan Valley were underway and would soon be “presented” to the government. To date, the Israeli government has only produced official public maps for the “first phase” of the Wall, having made them public after demolitions, land confiscation and razing were well underway.

Yesterday, some 20 school children were locked out of their village Wadi Rasha by the Apartheid Wall’s gate for nearly four hours after attending school in the adjacent village of Habla. The students arrived at the gate, the only passage between the two villages, at 12:30 to find it locked.

My daughter studied for the tawjihi, the final high school examination, in Kifl Harith; she had to study in that village because she was in the scientific branch but with the Occupation’s closures and checkpoints she was constantly absent from school. This caused her to repeat her final year but this time she changed to the literary branch so she would not have to travel to Kifl Harith anymore. She is engaged, her fiancée worked for a few years in one of Arab states…he was arrested on the bridge from Jordan to Palestine and is now in one of the Occupation's prisons.

To Palestinians in Jenin, Tulkarem, and Qalqiliya

To all Palestinians

After the military order that was issued by the Occupation Forces on the status of lands isolated behind the Wall in the completed “first phase”, and regarding the requirement for “permits” from the Occupation Forces for the villages isolated behind the Wall and for people to access to their lands west to the Wall, we –the Anti Apartheid Wall Campaign- state the following:


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