No Allianz with Israeli Apartheid - What can I do?

Even if you only have a minute to spare there's an activity to do to push the No Allianz with Israeli Apartheid Campaign...


1 minute:

  • Invite friends to like or follow the “No Allianz with Israeli Apartheid” Facebook ( or Twitter (@NoAllianz)
  • Do an Allianz related Tweet:
  • "@Allianz is complicit in #IsraeliApartheid –end Investment in #G4S #Elbit. @NoAllianz FB"
  • "@Allianz fund #IsraeliApartheid with investments in #G4S #Elbit – @NoAllianz FB Guide"

    "@NoAllianz is a campaign to pressure @Allianz into divesting from #G4S #Elbit - #IsraeliApartheid profiteers"

  • Do an Allianz related Facebook status:
  • "The German Financial services company Allianz profits from Israeli Apartheid through its investment G4S which provides Israel with security service used to illegally detain Palestinian Political Prisoners. Find out what you can do to help the campaign here:"
  • "Insurance company Allianz funds technology used on Israel’s Apartheid Wall through investing in Elbit, who’s “Torch” system ensures Palestinians can’t access their stolen land. Like and join the campaign!"
  • "Cancelling your insurance policy with Allianz and telling them why will pressure them to stop their investments in companies complicit in Israeli violations of International Law. Visit to find out what else you can do."
  • Think of a campaign slogan



1 hour:

  • Design a campaign poster
  • Write a letter to your local Allianz office
  • Research what services Allianz provide in your area
  • Research what companies use Allianz for insurance in your area
  • Design an Allianz campaign sticker
  • Design an Allianz Campaign flyer



1 day:

  • Flyer people in your local area
  • Design a local fact-sheet for Allianz



1 week:

  • Arrange a meeting of local activists to discuss Allianz campaign
  • Organise local/national demonstration
  • Plan a direct action in an Allianz building


For the Full Campaign Guide click here.



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