***image1***We came to our lands on Sunday and Monday (March 7/8), and then I could not come again for two days as I was sick. We were a group of old women, but the minute we arrived to the lands and the soldiers saw us they stood in one line and they would not let us pass. I told a soldier "this is our land this our country, you cannot deprive me of my land, I do not have bombs in my hand nor do I have weapons, just let me sit in my land..." But this did not work with them, they started pushing us back, yet despite them not wanting us to reach the lands where they were working, we made it to the lands.

Today – March 11 - we arrived at 11:00am. One of the Zionists was putting his weapon on my shoulder I told him to move it away, but he ignored me, he was stepping on my dress while I was sitting on the ground. As you see we used all kinds of "talking" with them, sometimes we chanted slogans against them and sometimes we tried talking to them, we would tell them: "we have no weapons we did not come here to fight just stay away from our lands, you took our country and killed our children" … my son is a martyr … "you destroyed our houses and bulldozed our fields and built your settlements, what more do you want? Why the Wall? … you want to trap us like mice you want to put a prison gate for us and start counting us as if we were some animals?!"

We jumped in front of the bulldozers and climbed up on them, for two whole days they beat us with their batons, two of my children were beaten badly, my third son was killed by the occupation when he was participating in a demonstration in solidarity with the prisoners in 12th July 1998.

Now as you see we feel tired, two women there fainted, this land belongs to all of us, we all go to the land whether it is to my family or to another family in the village, today they work in my neighbor's land, tomorrow they will go in the middle of my field. The women there got really tired, they became overcome, one of them was the land owner, the anger and the screaming exhausted her. the Americans are supporting them in what they are doing, the Americans and the Israelis have became like a cancer in the Arab world. they have their common interests and they have the power, but we have our faith and will and we will win in the end.

We heard that the people in the north who lost their lands behind the Wall have to risk getting beaten and shot and humiliated until they reach their lands, if they [the Israelis] continue working we will loose half of our fields behind the Wall.

Each time after the confrontations they tell us that they will consider changing the Wall's path... they are trying to deceive us... they keep changing what they tell us... you can never trust them.


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