9th - 16th of November 2006:
4th National & international week against

“We Shall Stay
Generation after Generation
Defiant and Steadfast until Liberation”

As the ghetto walls close around our people, the voice of the Palestinian and Arab resistance continues to echo within the Bantustans and beyond. Like every year since bulldozers started to level our land for the Wall’s path, the Week against the Apartheid Wall (November 9-16) will unite Palestinian communities struggling against the land grab and expulsion in mass protests.

Under the rubble of our homes, on the fields still bearing fruit behind the wall, within the besieged villages and the ailing city of Jerusalem, Palestinian existence has been transformed into an act of daily resistance.  

5 years after the Occupation started its destruction of our lands for the Wall,
2 years after the International Court of Justice called for the dismantling if the Wall,

We will stand steadfast against the Apartheid Wall, an enormous monument to Zionist racism, a colonial edifice that encages Palestinians and a desperate attempt to drive us from our lands.  

To read the full text of the Call, click here!

Mobilize for the 4th National & International week
Against The Apartheid Wall!

Called for by the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

Every year in some 30 countries all over the world, movements and organizations speak out and protest against the Wall and Israeli Occupation and Apartheid during this Week of Palestinian resistance and global action.  

We call on you to stand with the Palestinian people and join the Global Week of Action:

  • Show solidarity with the Palestinian struggle against the Apartheid Wall

  • Expose Israeli colonialism, apartheid and occupation

  • End global support for Israeli Apartheid

    Strengthen the Movement to Isolate Apartheid Israel and organize action in response to the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions!    

    Support the Palestinian Struggle:
    Make Resistance to The Apartheid Wall go Global!

    Echo and amplify the voice and determination of the Palestinian struggle throughout your countries in mass mobilizations!   

    Use the activist tools we have prepared to ensure the call for the 4th international Week against the Apartheid Wall is known globally and mobilizations are staged by the people all over the world:   Until the Wall Falls!
    Until the Palestinian people gain their land, freedom, equality and self-determination!
    Until our refugees return to their homes!
  • ***Tear Down The Apartheid Wall!***Isolate Apartheid Israel!***Free Palestine***