The "Convergence Plan" Map - reframing the Palestinian ghettos

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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign
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The Apartheid Wall

The map shows the “new” Occupation scheme to ensure Palestinian rights continue to be negated and violated: the “Convergence Plan”. The plan is Israel’s latest attempt to legitimize the Palestinian ghettos, to permanently annex territory in the west of the West Bank, seal Palestinians in from the east, and surround a series of Palestinian Bantustans. Within the ruins of these leftover territories is to be found the future “state” of Palestine. The project - for which the Occupation now seeks the complicity of the international community – will:

• annex all territories and resources west of the Apartheid Wall.
• consolidate the annexation and ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem by confining further Palestinian residential areas outside the Wall.
• create 3 Bantustans and 5 ghettos in and around Jerusalem for Palestinians which fall dramatically short for providing the means by which development can occur, whilst denying Palestinians the right to a dignified life
• cover up a further 20% increase of settlement capacity within the West Bank.
• bypass the ICJ decision on the illegality of the Wall, as well as numerous international laws and the UN resolutions
• continue to deny Palestinian refugees their legal and just right of return

The territory to be under Palestinian “administrative responsibility” reveals the same structures of miserable ghettos evident in all previous plans: Palestinians will have no control over borders. Living between razor wire fencing and the Apartheid Wall means a prison remains a prison regardless of its size.

• Gaza has shown that the redeployment of settlers cannot be equated with achieving liberation and justice. Over 80% of Gaza’s population are refugees, still awaiting the implementation of their right of return to the 1948 areas. Palestinians have no authority over their borders with Egypt, the coast remains in the control of the Occupation, while the Palestinian population has become an easier target for Israeli military attacks and policies of starvation.

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