This photo story has captured some of the moments of the funeral of Mustafa Tamimi from Nabi Saleh.

Mustafa Tamimi, 27, died on Saturday December 10 of wounds sustained after the Israeli occupation forces shot him in the face on Friday at the weekly popular protest in Nabi Saleh. Tamimi was shot from less than 10-meters distance with a high velocity tear gas grenade that made him unconscious and bleeding profusely.

The second anniversary of the start the popular resistance by the people of Nabi Saleh was marked by the brutal injury of young Mustafa Abdul-Razzaq al-Tamimi, 27, who was shot in the face at less than 10 meters. This occurred while the UN Special Rapporteur for the Freedom of Opinion and Expression was visiting the village. Al-Tamimi was seriously wounded in the head by a tear gas canister fired by the soldiers directly at him from a close distance. From the impact of the gas bomb, his face was split, losing a large amount of blood before being transferred by car to the hospital.

Coinciding with the international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, the weekly protests against the apartheid wall and settlements was suppressed by the occupation forces, who shot protesters with live bullets and metal bullets covered with rubber. The loud shooting, sound bombs, and tear gas bombs caused injuries to protesters and dozens of suffocation cases. Two journalists were arrested and three international human rights defenders.

Dozens of suffocation cases were the result of the heavy use of tear gas bombs. While some protesters were injured after severe beatings by the occupation forces who used batons and rifle butts.

This violation and repression is practiced weekly by the occupation forces against the popular protests against the apartheid wall and settlement around the west bank. This week coincided with the 23rd anniversary of independence and the seventh anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


“We shouldn’t link our popular resistance to a time-bound goal. It should continue as long as its main reason exists, which is the Israeli Occupation."

The occupation forces oppressed the Anti-apartheid Wall and -settlement weekly protest around the West Bank by using metal bullets covered with rubber, gas, and sound bombs against Palestinian and international protesters, which caused dozens of suffocation cases.

Herak Shababi Mustakel, the Independent Palestinian Youth movement, calls for the expulsion of Tony Blair from Palestine and considers him an unwanted person.

Occupation forces faced the weekly protests against the apartheid wall and settlement with tear gas bombs and sound bombs which caused many suffocation cases among the protesters.

This week, all the weekly demonstrations were in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in their open hunger strike, now in its 18th day.

This was originally posted on the BNC website:

Occupied Palestine, October 13 - The Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC), the largest Palestinian civil society coalition struggling for Palestinian rights, is proud to stand in solidarity with the movements struggling for a new world based on democracy, human rights and economic justice. From New York to Athens, from Madrid to Santiago, from Bahrain to Rome, these huge mobilisations provide a much needed reminder of something that Palestinians have always known – that another world, a dignifying one, is possible and ordinary people can create it.

Dozens were suffocated during the weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall and settlements in Bilin village. The weekly protest was under the title of solidarity with the Palestinian prisoner's hunger strike and the olive harvest, which face a lot of difficulties this year since more than 9,000 olive trees have been cut by the occupation forces and settlers.

The weekly protest in Ni'lin marched after finishing Friday praying on the villagers' lands near the Apartheid Wall, which was in solidarity with the prisoner's hunger strike. Their message was for people to stand with Palestinian prisoners.

Al-Masara villagers and international activists participated in the weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall holding Palestinian flags and chanting "Free Palestine." Their message also included the freedom of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails.

Occupation forces didn’t close the enterance of the village as usual but hid behind trees and surprised protesters upon arrival at the Apartheid Wall with tear gas bombs. They beat the protesters, which caused some traumatic injuries to protesters as well.


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