***image1***My land is located in an area were many peoples lands where confiscated in 1993. During that year I was in prison, and when I was released in 1994 I gave all my time to protect my land from any further attempts to confiscate more. The Occupation forces tried different ways to prevent us from reaching our lands, they would shoot at us while we were heading to the land, or while working in it. Nevertheless we resisted and continued to go to our lands and plant our fields.

On July 7th 2000 two of my children went to work in our land, I brought them an old car where they could sit when they got tired, on that day my youngest son, who was then 13 years old, went to rest in the car. He found something which he did not know what it was, and started playing with it. It was a bomb and it exploded, and he was killed. The Occupation forces tend to leave bombs in the lands they want to confiscate, to terrorize the people. My son died but still we did not stop going to our lands. I made a symbolic tomb for my son in one of my fields.

My land is about fifty dunums, which I share with my brothers. There are olive, grape, almonds and many other different kinds of trees. We fenced it, and built terraces to protect the trees from erosion. If Israel builds the Wall my land will be isolated behind it, I do not know what I will do then, or if I will even be able to reach it. The Wall is land theft for settlement expansion, I have no hope that I will be able to reach the land if the Wall is completed. This is a cruel enemy, the whole idea of gates is something like a drug that they use to contain people's anger and resistance. We must stop them from building the Wall. I will defend my land even if the price is my life.

During the demonstrations that have been taking place in the village against the Wall, I have been injured many times. I have no other work, as I said my whole life was dedicated to my land, I never worked as a labourer inside the green line. Now my life is dedicated to defending my land.



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