Map of Affected Locality:
Above: A map showing the ghetto that will be built around Zawiya, Rafat, and Deir Balut. The Apartheid Wall is shown in dark blue, with isolated Palestinian lands show in green.

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  • In Deir Ballut, west of Salfit, Occupation Forces are isolating fifteen houses from the rest of the village, behind a military checkpoint. The people in these houses are now forced to pass this checkpoint each time they need to reach their village. What is harder on the people is that to return to their homes, they are forced to endure humiliation and to wait long hours before being allowed to pass back through the checkpoint. In addition, Occupation Forces are terrorizing the Palestinians in these houses, trying to force them to leave the area because they want to confiscate the land and resources for settlement construction.

    Abu Jihad, living in one of the isolated houses in Deir Ballut, describes the situation under which he and the other residents in these houses face: today - isolation behind the checkpoint and, tomorrow – the Apartheid Wall.

    “There are fifteen houses all from the same original family: Abdullah. The checkpoint isolates us from the village. They made a gate for us at the checkpoint, but most of the time we cannot go through it with our cars, only on foot. They close it at seven in the evening, they force us to end our day at seven. The worst is when they declare an emergency - which they frequently do in the area - then they close the area and do not allow us even to walk around our houses. This is in addition to the incursions in our houses late in the night or any other time they choose, and the daily shooting in the night, terrorizing our children and preventing us from sleeping.

    The Occupation soldiers at the checkpoint harass our children when they are going to, or coming from, their schools in the village. In the evening, our children have to think of the time they will have to wait and the harassment they will go through when they decide to go to the village computer center or take any kind of courses.

    The checkpoint has been there since 1991, but they have expanded it a lot since then. The checkpoint is there to “protect” the settlements of Peduel and Ale Zahav, which were built in the 80s on the lands of Kafr Ad Dik – a village to the east of Deir Ballut - and Deir Ballut. During the first Intifada, the Occupation Forces occupied my house and used it as a checkpoint. The two settlements are far enough from our houses, however, we have been harassed by the settlers who shoot at us and our children when they are crossing the road. At night they come and have parties at the checkpoint with the Occupation soldiers, speaking in loud voices and disturbing us, sometimes they use firecrackers that scare us, because we usually hear the sounds of gunfire. They also direct their sewage water towards our lands and trees, destroying them.

    The Occupation soldiers do not usually allow the people in the village to visit us, but when they do, they humiliate them and force them to wait for hours at the checkpoint, the rest of the people in the village have decided they do not want to come visit us in order to avoid the humiliation.

    Here we are isolated from everything in our village, people and from all kinds of services. If the Wall is built around Deir Ballut then we will be isolated completely between the settlements to the east and the Wall separating us from our village to the west. Even the road that used to link us to Kafr Ad Dik is now closed, as they changed its path so it links to the settlement of Peduel, confiscating more of our lands and isolating us from any Palestinian village. They will isolate us from everything, we will need permits to stay in our houses, we have nothing here, and we do not have a clinic, a school or even a grocery store.

    Occupation Forces are isolating us from the village now because they are working on building a new settlement called western Ale Zahav. This new settlement will be built on the lands of Kafr Ad Dik and Deir Ballut. The settlement, which is under construction now, is being built far from the first Ale Zahav; by leaving a large stretch of land between the two settlements, they can confiscate more Palestinian lands. So far, for this new settlement and its bypass road, Occupation Forces have confiscated hundreds of dunums of land. They have put barbed wire around a whole hill at a length that is more than 2 km, which means that they are confiscating almost 20,000 dunums of the lands of Deir Ballut and Kafr Ad Dik.

    They do all of this, they isolate us, confiscate our lands, go in our houses, uproot our trees, shoot at us all, and it can always be justified by the Israelis with just three words “for security reasons.”




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