Land Defense Colaition releases Olive Harvest Program
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Land Defense Colaition releases Olive Harvest Program

The Land Defense Coalition, a coordinating body of grassroots movements and organizations, announces the program of collective efforts to safeguard the annual olive harvest and are calling on volunteers to stand in solidarity with Palestinian communities and join in the harvest on October 3 until October 20, 2013. 

The harvesting of the olives is becoming more difficult every year as farmers face an intensification of settler attacks, as well as the confiscation, isolation and destruction of their lands, and continued closure and permit restrictions. All of which have led to the strangulation of Palestinian communities across the West Bank. Local farmers have refused to be forced off their land, and continue the harvest each year in the face violence and repression from both soldiers and settlers.

Your participation is not only critical to help physically bring in the harvest, but to also be a witness to what is happening on the ground. As the Wall continues to be built and settler violence is on the rise, your presence is needed to witness what is happening, and document it for the international community.

The collective efforts during the olive harvest, a vital season for Palestinian farmers and villages, have become a symbol for Palestinian steadfastness and solidarity. International volunteers are encouraged to join groups of Palestinian students and harvest olives alongside farmers and their families in the threatened villages.For information on local activities, harvesting locations or general queries, please contact the Stop the Wall offices at:


Location District Date
Tel-Al-Rumaydah Hebron 3-Oct-13
Sabastya Nablus 5-Oct-13
Kufr-Al-Labad Tulkarem 8-Oct-13
Around Ariel Finger Salfeet 8-Oct-13
Al-Walaja Beithlehem 10-Oct-13
Ethna Hebron 10-Oct-13
Tura Jenin 12-Oct-13
Fara Qalqiliya 12-Oct-13
Haris Salfeet 12-Oct-13
Nilin Ramallah 12-Oct-13
Qaryout Nablus 20-Oct-13