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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Violent settler attack in Silwad

On Thursday (11/4/13) Israeli settlers attacked a 60 year old man as he worked on his land near Ramallah. The settlers beat Ahmad al-Zir, who used to be a Palestinian judge, round the head with an iron rod until he lost consciousness and was taken to Ramallah Government Hospital.

This assault sparked clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces as residents of Silwad headed to al-Asour area to confront the settlers. Israeli forces responded by firing tear gas and plastic coated bullets at protestors and a 16 year old Palestinian was shot in the chest. The teenager was also taken to Ramallah Government Hospital.

Several Palestinian groups announced they would hold Friday prayers at an outpost near the site of the attack, which is built on land which belongs to Palestinians in Silwad and Deir Jarir.

This is a video of the Silwad Protest: At the end of the video is an account of the attack on Ahamd al-Zir.


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