Land Day demonstrations towards Jerusalem!
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Land Day demonstrations towards Jerusalem!

–          For live streaming from Qalandiya, please watch:

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In the West Bank a large coalition of Palestinian political forces and movements has organized the following events to break the siege of Jerusalem:

–          Jerusalem, Qalandiya checkpoint, start: 12:30

–          Bethlehem, al Qubbe checkpoint, start: 12:30

–          Jerusalem, Damascus Gate, Old City, start: 12:30

–          Jerusalem, Zeituneh checkpoint , al Aizariyah, start:12:30


In Palestine ’48 (Israel) the Higher Follow up committee, which unites all Palestinian political and social parties and organizations of the Palestinian citizens of Israel has organized the following events to commemorate Land Day:

–          Naqab, Wadi Na’eem: public gathering at 3 pm

–          Yaffa: march starts at 1 pm from the old port towards al Ajame, 3 pm gathering in al Ajame

–          Marches in Deir Hanna, Kufr Qanna, Arabe, Sakhnin followed by public gatherings



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