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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

On the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Abu Rahma, Occupation Forces Suppressed the Weekly Demonstrations


Kufur Qaddom
Iyad Shteiwi, the media coordinator, said that the occupation forces suppressed the weekly march by shooting tear gas bombs directly into the demonstrators' bodies and used sewage water in order to stop the march. Dozens were suffocated and injured by the gas bombs.
Shtiwie said, “We will continue our weekly march till they opened the village road and remove all the settlements on our land.”
Almasara village
The occupation forces have beaten the citizen Mahmoud Sliman, 40 years old, during the weekly protest, which came to protest against the occupation decision to confiscate 120 acres in Wad Rahal town in Bethlehem district in order to continue building the Apartheid Wall and establish a “commercial terminal,” which will prevent 20 thousand Palestinians from using the road connecting Bethlehem and Hebron district.
Al nabi saleh
The occupation forces suppressed the weekly march in Alnabi saleh by using tear gas bombs and sewage water towards the protesters and journalists and attacking the houses of the village by tear gas bombs and bullets.
Dozens were suffocated during the weekly protest in Bilin, also injured after shooting tear gas bombs direct towards the protesters. Sameer Burnat was injured by metal bullet to his leg, Ibraheem Burnat by metal bullet to his leg, Kifah Mansour by tear gas bomb to his back and Mohammad Hamad by tear gas bomb to his back.
The popular committee said that despite the suppression and killing of the popular activist like Jawaher and Mustafa, we will continue our popular struggle.

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