Notices from Israel of Land Seizure in the West Bank
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Notices from Israel of Land Seizure in the West Bank

The occupation forces issued notices to seize land in Masha and Alzawyah villages in Salfit district in order to build the Apartheid Wall in that area, including a resolution to establish a new barrier in the “seam zone.” The targeted land is more than 50 acres spread over five locations in the two towns. The issued notices had no dates, which will prevent the land owners from objecting to the decisions of seizure.

In Alkhader village in Bethlehem district, a Palestinian citizen found a notice to seize a vast tract of land, stretching from the eastern town of the village to the southern one which connects to the Hebron district. This decision, which will devour hundreds of agriculture acres, will also isolate the town from the rest of its territories by up to 20 thousand acres, preventing the Palestinian owners from accessing it without a special permit from the occupation forces.

Also in Alkhader, a Palestinian family received notice to seize about 20 acres of its land which located in “Ismail Awar” region, along with “Eliezer” settlement which was built by force on a Palestinian land related to the sons of Mohammad Atwan.

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