Nine-year-old Wounded in al-Ma’asara Village Weekly Protest
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Nine-year-old Wounded in al-Ma’asara Village Weekly Protest

On Friday, a young man and a child were injured during the weekly protest against the Apartheid Wall in al-Ma'asara village in Bethlehem after the occupation forces attacked the participants.

According to the spokesman of the Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, Mohammed Brijeyeh, the occupation soldiers suppressed the march through abuse involving severe beatings with rifle butts and sticks, injuring both Mahmoud Alaa al Deen (25 years-old) and Khaled Zawahre (9 years-old).

During the protest, the participants organized a speech that spoke of the Palestinian leadership's decision to bid for United Nations statehood. The speaker stressed the need to stand behind the leadership and provide support for the national iniative.

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