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Stop the Wall calls on you join the global Media Marathon to promote the song ‘Freedom for Palestine’ by OneWorld: Our goals are to get the song into the UK charts and show that 1 million people have watched the music video.

Solidarity for Palestine worldwide is growing. International activists from 50 countries prepare to break the siege on Gaza with the Freedom Flotilla 2 …

… we need your support to break the silence on Palestine.

Hear a message from Omar Barghouti and Jamal Juma’a on why they support the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOKnzuVU0WE

***image2***We have the opportunity to do something truly historic and we need you to make this happen. If ‘Freedom for Palestine’ gets into the UK charts it will send a message to all those who lend economic or political support to Israel, that a critical mass of people want to see an end to the Israeli occupation.

Already, the song has generated a social media storm since the launch. 250,000 people have watched the music video and the single has been promoted by the likes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Coldplay, Roger Waters, Lowkey, Billy Bragg, Mark Thomas, Benjamin Zephaniah, Alice Walker and LUSH, the ethical cosmetics company. It even made Glenn Beck from Fox News cry!

Without a music industry PR machine we are calling on ordinary people to buy the single and spread the message. The mainstream media will find it hard to ignore or censor its message and we would be sending a powerful message of solidarity to the Palestinian people.

JOIN THE MEDIA MARATHON by just take a few minutes out of your programming to do the following:

1. Play the single on June 24/25/26/27!
2. Inform your listeners about how to join the campaign.

Here is some basic information to give to your listeners:
* Watch the video and learn more at: www.freedomoneworld.com
* This is a Palestinian-led call for solidarity
* Campaign launched by OneWorld
* Single is titled “Freedom for Palestine”
* Goal is to get the single in the UK charts and a 1 million viewers of the music video
* Song can be pre-ordered until 3 July 2011 from HMVdigital and Itunes
* Promotional MP3 versions of the song contact mallory@stopthewall.org
* Join the Freedomoneworld Facebook group and follow Freedomoneworld on Twitter

Don’t forget to tell us about your participation! We are compiling a list on our website of participating stations and hosts. Email mallory@stopthewall.org to pledge your support.

Your voice in alternative media can influence enough people to help us build this critical mass.

Participating Stations

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