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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign

Solidarity visit to striking municipal employees in Jenin

Stop the Wall organized a solidarity visit to municipal workers in the Jenin governorate who have been on strike for the past consecutive weeks, and on hunger strike for the past three days. Workers are demanding that the Ministry of Local Government, along with the head and the council of the Jenin Municipality commit an interpretation of the law governing local bodies that guarantees employees and workers stable employment and dignified living.

Suheil Suliman, Jamal Barham, Nehad al Baraka and Alam Hamdallah led the delegation, which expressed the Campaign’s support for the just demands of the striking workers. They called for the solidarity of all institutions, organizations and popular campaigns with the struggles of the working class, which are embodied today in the strikes of the Jenin municipal employees. The delegation also encouraged the striking employees to remain unified and continue their struggle until all of their demands are met, immediately and without delay.


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