Wadi Rahal: International solidarity activist arrested
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Wadi Rahal: International solidarity activist arrested

Israeli occupation forces arrested an international solidarity activist and five others suffered from suffocation by tear gas that the occupation forces launched into the crowd, in order to repress the weekly protest.

The march began from the middle of the village and was joined by international supporters. The march was organized under the slogan of “Popular resistance continues!”, challenging the repression of the Israeli military. As soon as the demonstrators reached the area near the Wall the occupation forces began firing tear gas and sound bombs at the people. A large force of the IOF had come in seven military vehicles, stationed there to ensure that the protest would be dispersed by their violence. Although the assault on the demonstrators was heavy, the crowd stayed on in the area close to the Wall and kept protesting for about an hour. They waved Palestinian flags and vowed they would continue the struggle in Wadi Rahal.

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