Nabi Saleh: IOF fired tear gas throughout the village
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Nabi Saleh: IOF fired tear gas throughout the village

Dozens of demonstrators and local residents suffered suffocation from tear gas inhalation as the Israeli military attempted to suppress the popular resistance in the village. The protest this week was dedicated to the demand for an end to the ongoing land confiscation all across the West Bank.

The protest started from the center of the village and then moved towards the entrance of the village with the aim of gaining access to the land isolated behind the Wall which had been confiscated by the occupation forces and settlers. The people were not able to leave the village as the military stationed in the area started clashes at the entrance of the village. They immediately began firing tear gas and sound bombs at the people in the area. Everybody, including children and the elderly suffered under the attack.

The occupying forces also targeted the houses at the entrance to the village by firing tear gas towards and into them. This caused panic among residents. Finally, the occupation forces chased the protesters all across the village, randomly firing tear gas and sound bombs in the neighborhoods.

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