More than 60 solidarity activists boost Wadi Rahal protest
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More than 60 solidarity activists boost Wadi Rahal protest

On June 26, 2010, the weekly protests in the village of Wadi Rahal became a massive march with the participation of more than 60 international solidarity activists.

The protest started in the center of the village and moved towards the Apartheid Wall. The demonstrators carried Palestinian flags and shouted slogans calling for Palestinian national unity to face the injustices of Israeli Occupation. When the demonstration reached the Wall, a large number Occupation Forces were waiting and prevented the demonstrators from continuing on their way to the confiscated lands of Wadi Rahal behind the Wall. With gunpoint, the Occupation Forces ordered the march to leave the site.

The Wadi-Rahal Popular Committee Coordinator, Shadi Fuwaghara, gave a speech during the protest confirming the illegality of the Wall and settlements. He pointed out that the protest that was held this day was just a prelude to a series of events that will be held by the popular committees of the various villages leading up to the anniversary of the advisory opinion of the Hague on July 9th.

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