Two young men severely beaten by Israeli soldiers in al-Masara village
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Two young men severely beaten by Israeli soldiers in al-Masara village

During the weekly protest today in the village of al Masara, two young men, 24 year old Mahmoud Alaa El Din and 23-year old Ali Zawahra, were severely beaten by Israeli soldiers using the butts of their rifles.

Marking the second anniversary of the martyrdom of one of te freedom fighters from Bethlehem, al Masara’s Popular Committee member Muhammad Brijiyeh gave an opening speech for the weekly al Masara protest praising the martyrs and their resistance against the occupation. He emphasized the importance of the struggle until the liberation of Palestine and the continuation of the legitimate protesting against the illegal settlements and the Apartheid Wall. Brijiyeh also thanked the foreign participants in al Masara’s weekly peaceful protests against the Wall and their continuous solidarity and support.

When the demonstration reached the wall site, Israeli forces had set up a checkpoint and allowed nobody to pass. The peaceful protestors tried to continue to their land and soldiers immediately started beating them with their rifle butts. Two young men, a 24 year old and a 23-year old, sustained dozens of bruises on their body due to these beatings.

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