Protestors in the UK remove Israeli produce from shelves
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Protestors in the UK remove Israeli produce from shelves

On May 17 a group of Londoners joined in protest against the sale by British supermarkets of Israeli goods and produce from settlements. The action took place in a West London Tesco. The group assembled around a trolley full of goods labelled ‘produce of Israel’, explaining the issues around the sale of Israeli goods to the public, alternating facts and chants, drawing the attention of both customers and staff.

The action was entirely peaceful and protesters left of their own accord, however two participants were later arrested by the police. The two were later released without charges.

Tesco and other British supermarkets have been the target of protests and boycott actions following the continuing sale of Israeli products. Activists note that profits and tax revenues from the sale of these goods fund continuous to fund the ongoing aggression against the Palestinian people.


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