3 injured from rubber-coated bullets, tens vomit from sewage water sprayed at them in Ni’lin
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3 injured from rubber-coated bullets, tens vomit from sewage water sprayed at them in Ni’lin

Although the Occupation forces tried to close the entrance of Ni’lin, locals from surrounding villages and international solidarity activists were still able to attend an anti-Apartheid Wall demonstration in the village.

This time the Occupation experimented with new techniques in an attempt to break the demonstration, throwing balloons filled with sewage water and unleashing police dogs on activists. Soldiers also fired rubber-coated bullets as well as sound and gas bombs. Tens of demonstrators vomited as a result of the noxious smell of the sewage water that was thrown and sprayed on them. Three others were shot with rubber-coated bullets. One, Sa’ed Atallah Ameera, was hit in the mouth.

The demonstration concentrated on the barbed wire set up by the soldiers to keep the protestors away from the confiscated lands. It lasted until late in the evening, and was only broken up following the arrival of Occupation reinforcements. Soldiers expended a large amount of ammunition and by the end of the day nearly every home in the southern part of the village was affected by tear gas.

Ahead Khawaja, the coordinator of the local Popular Committee in Ni’lin, stated that the Occupation has stepped up its policy of arrests. Soldiers used to only arrest activists during protests, with only a few arrested at their homes. Now, an increasing number of Palestinians are being arrested in late night raids and usually released the following day with out charge. This tactic, which a clear attempt to intimidate residents into not participating in the demonstrations against the Wall, has so far failed to break the will of the popular struggle.

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