60 years of Al Nakba: Remembrance week in Venezuela
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60 years of Al Nakba: Remembrance week in Venezuela

Across Venezuela, numerous activities in Caracas, Valencia, Barcelona, Barquisimeto, San Felipe de Yaracuy and other Venezuelan cities and towns marked the 60th anniversary of the Nakba. Events included photo exhibitions, public speeches, film screenings, poetry, street theater and a public Arab food fair. On May 14, at the National Assembly, there was a speech of remembrance and denunciation of the consequences of the UN Partition resolution. Activists have been in contact with several mayors with aim of naming public spaces with names related to the struggle of the Palestinian people.

“We want to remember a tragedy and also transcend the symbolism of the date, denouncing the ongoing crimes of the Occupation forces that take place on a daily basis in the Occupied Territories of Palestine, said Hindu Anderi, chair of the Foro Itinerante para la Participación Popular, who coordinates the program of activities with other social and popular organizations. “We aim at exposing the celebration of the anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel by the Zionist government, which pretends to obliterate its crimes against innocent men, women and children”.

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