French activists spectacularly protest Olmert’s Paris visit
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French activists spectacularly protest Olmert’s Paris visit

***image2***Generation Palestine, a group of young European activists who took part in summer camps organized in Palestine with the General Union of Palestine Students, demonstrated their opposition Monday October 22 to the visit of Occupation Prime Minister and war criminal Ehud Olmert and his warm welcome by French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

The activists released a huge Palestinian flag from the Arc de Triomphe in Champs Elysées, Paris’ core, while Olmert was having lunch with Nicolas Sarkozy. “We want to tell Olmert that he is not welcome until he withdraws from the Palestinian Occupied Territories, releases the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and is judged for war crimes in Palestine and Lebanon” a Generation Palestine spokesperson said to French journalists. “We want to tell Nicolas Sarkozy that he should not welcome Olmert before Israel obeys international law, and that he should stop Europe’s and France’s cooperation with Israel, notably their military cooperation.”

The protest is part of a wider civil society effort in France to stop the country’s cooperation with Israeli war crimes, including a campaign to stop the French multinational company from operating Jerusalem’s apartheid tramway.

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