Tire inhabitants protest against the closing of the Village entrance
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Tire inhabitants protest against the closing of the Village entrance

This morning, hundreds of people from the village of Tire, West Ramallah, gathered in front of the electric gate that the Occupation erected two years ago in front of the only entrance left to the village.

***image2***This popular protest is a response to a new rule imposed by the Occupation on all Palestinians that want to cross the gate to enter or leave the village. For two weeks have not been allowed to pass through the gate freely. Opening times are limited to three periods during the day, 7-8 am , 2-3-pm and 7-8 pm.

The villagers explained that the Occupation forces under no circumstances allow them to pass outside these hours. They shoot when they see anyone coming towards to the gate during the night.

This creates an unsustainable situation for the people from Tire and is potentially fatal for anyone that needs urgent medical treatment or in other emergency cases. Tire is a small village of 1700 inhabitants and does not have healthcare facilities or other services.

Two years ago, the Occupation closed the main entrance to the village connecting it to Qalandiya and the al-Ram area. Now, the only way in and out of the village is a tortuous secondary road to Ramallah. The road is equipped with an electric gate, surveillance cameras and electronic wires.

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