South Bethlehem: mass protest galvanizes resistance to the Apartheid wall
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South Bethlehem: mass protest galvanizes resistance to the Apartheid wall

The Popular Committee Against the Wall in south Bethlehem organized a protest attended by around 1000 people from Um Salmone, Beit Fajjar, Joret Shama’, Wadi al Nis and other nearby villages. The villagers organized the protest to galvanize resistance to the Apartheid Wall that the Occupation forces are starting to build on their land.

***image2***The protest began with a demonstration marching from the center of Um Salmone to the west side of the village, where the land that will be destroyed for the Wall is located. Residents carried Palestinian flags and banners proclaiming resistance to the Wall, the settlements and the Occupation’s racist policies. Villagers then held their Friday prayers on the threatened land. Mayors from the affected villages also gave speeches containing facts and information about the Apartheid Wall and called for the people to unite in resistance against it.

The demonstrators then marched on to Wadi al Nis and listened to a speech by the village mayor giving detailed explanations of the route and impact of the Wall.

Occupation Forces have, for more than two months now, been uprooting dozens of dunums planted with olive trees and grapes in Wadi Rahal and Joret Shama’, in preparation for the construction of the Apartheid Wall.

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