Villages in Salfit District Join Forces to Protest Apartheid Wall
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Villages in Salfit District Join Forces to Protest Apartheid Wall

***image2***Hundreds of demonstrators marched through the village of Azzun in a large protest organized by the Salfit District general committee against the construction of the Apartheid Wall. Protestors joined forces to send out a clear message that the Apartheid project and Occupation will never defeat them. Villagers from surrounding areas met at the Azzun village council and mobilized towards the construction area where lands are being uprooted on a daily basis. Occupation Forces barricaded the roads to prevent the demonstrators from reaching the lands and stopping the bulldozers. As the villagers progressed forward, Occupation Forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the demonstrators, injuring at least 15 Palestinians. One man was seriously wounded by a rubber bullet to the head, and was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. Most of the demonstrators’ injuries were inflicted on upper regions of the body, showing that these shots were not just random firing into a crowd, but instead precise targeting strategies by Occupation Forces aimed at the most vital parts of the human body.

Between the villages of Azzun and Khafr Thulth, Palestinian lands are being destroyed and isolated at a rapid rate, as the western section of the Wall is erected around the settlement bloc called “Ariel Finger”. In this section, the wall will be built over 240 dunums and will isolate behind it 1250 dunums, 500 from Khufr Thulth and 750 from Azzun.


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