House Demolitions and Tighter Occupation Control Bolster Palestinian Expulsion of the Southern Ghettos of Hebron and Bethlehem.
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House Demolitions and Tighter Occupation Control Bolster Palestinian Expulsion of the Southern Ghettos of Hebron and Bethlehem.

***image2***Old City, Hebron:

Occupation Forces have intensified their efforts to control and, ultimately, expel the Palestinian population from Hebron’s old city. The entrances to Akabba, the Shibli mosque, Al-Eskafia shopping area, and the main market of Shaloody have recently been blocked off through gates and road obstructions that tighten the colonial grip on Palestinian life. The Zionist project to Judaize Hebron began in 1981 with the construction of Beit Romano settlement. The settlers, backed by the Occupation Forces, took over the Palestinian school of Osama bin Monqith—while viciously attacking the students—and turned it into a Jewish school for 200 Zionist settlers. Since this incident, a progressive system to suffocate Palestinians from the old city has been implemented through strategic measures of violence, subjugation, and control. These measures were fortified in the 1997 protocol agreement signed by the PA & Occupation that privileges the lives of 400 Zionist settlers at the expense of 40,000 Palestinian people.

Tarqumiya, West Hebron:

In the 1980s, 5000 dunums were confiscated from the village of Tarqumiy to establish the settlement of Adora Otilem. Zionist settlers submitted continual “requests” to the Occupation government to incorporate them into the 1948 areas, and this request has now been granted. The intended route of the Apartheid Wall in Torkomia is an essential juncture in the Occupation plans to solidify this annexation of the village’s agricultural lands into the 1948 areas. Over the last few months, Occupation Forces have confiscated more land, and upon the Wall’s completion, will have stolen a total of 6000 dunums. Plans to annex Tarqumiy’s lands were concretized in February through the unveiling of the Occupation maps that charted the course of the Wall.

Khadr, Southeast Bethlehem:

On the 27th of July, Occupation Forces leveled three of the 51 houses slated for demolition in Khadr as part of a larger project of Palestinian ethnic expulsion via the Apartheid wall. The path of the Wall extending from Khadr to Artaas will isolate hundreds of dunums from Palestinian lands to expand adjacent settlement blocs like Kfar Atzin, Ali-Azer and Afraat. Palestinians are being “cleansed” from their homes in order for Occupation Forces to implement the Zionist vision of “Greater Jewish Jerusalem”.


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