5000 in Switzerland Demonstrate Against The Apartheid Wall.
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5000 in Switzerland Demonstrate Against The Apartheid Wall.

On the 20th of March in Bern, Switzerland, the Swiss “Coalition Against War” organised a demonstration against War and Occupation attended by 5000 people.

Palestine solidarity groups converged from all over Swizterland (Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Basel, Bern and Zurich) forming a strong presence (perhaps 30-50% of the demonstration). The protest was clearly marked by the demand to stop both the occupation in Iraq and in Palestine. As the Palestine solidarity groups had decided to focus on the Apartheid Wall, several groups brought mock walls with them and banners reading “Tear Down the Apartheid Wall” or “No Walls between People, No People between Walls” were displayed.

The mobilization in Switzerland is continuing and the solidarity groups are organising a press Conference for Land Day, 30th of March. The press conference will announce the handing over of thousands of signatures against the Apartheid Wall to the Swiss Government.

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