Gate Closures in Qalqilya and Jayyus following Demonstrations
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Gate Closures in Qalqilya and Jayyus following Demonstrations

On Monday March 22nd all gates in Qalqilya were closed after a march following the assassination of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, and no farmers were not able to reach their lands. Occupation soldiers began firing on people near the Wall and Daood Nofal, 17 years old, was shot while standing on the roof of his house.

One the same day in Jayyus, Occupation forces closed the southern gate and kept it closed for three days. Children who live in a house isolated behind this gate were not able to attend their schools. On Tuesday, when the village farmers were trying to reach their lands , Occupation soldiers held them for hours at the gate, humiliating some farmers by reportedly rubbing the ashes of tires burnt at demonstrations in their faces. Occupation soldiers continue to invade the village nightly, shooting tear gas and bullets at the village houses. Despite this the villagers are still determined to resist the Apartheid Wall built on their lands, isolating them from the fields.

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