Construction of the Wall Continues in Rachel’s Tomb Area
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Construction of the Wall Continues in Rachel’s Tomb Area

Occupation forces continue building the Wall in the area of Rachel’s Tomb, and beginning on Friday 19th March, the Occupation forces have started erecting concrete blocks in the fields near the Armenian convent. The Wall is expected to continue according to the path prepared by the Occupation bulldozers, passing around Aida refugee camp, confiscating 200 dunums for its path, and then to be connected to the sections completed on the main street near the northern entrance of Bethlehem. The Wall in its current path through this area will isolate eight families from the rest of Bethlehem, four of them having Bethlehem IDs. A Captain from the Occupation administration recently told the four families that they should leave their family homes where they have been living for tens of years. The Wall will also annex thousands of olive trees and hundreds of dunums in this area to the “Jerusalem boundaries”.


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